I love to plant a garden. My goals for this year are:

  1. Eat fresh salad and greens every night all spring.
  • Enough fresh tomatoes to eat BLTs and corn
  • Enough fresh tomatoes to make grilled margarita pizza.
  • Enough tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil to can either spaghetti sauce, salsa, or some other tomato based food.
  • I want to eat carrots all summer.
  • Have pumpkins for the kids to carve
  • Enough squash and zucchini for squash and zucchini soup (fresh)
  • A few butternut squashes
  • Some crap that only I will eat (radishes, kohlrabi, etc)
  • And I want to try a few new things along the way

Here is a list of what I am planting this year. Click the links for photos and more information on each plant, why I planted these varieties and my experience with them in the past.

Basil: Sweet Basil

Beans: Tendergreen

Beans: Edible Soybean (as opposed to the inedible kind…)

Carrots: Burpee Short and Sweet

Carrots: Danvers Half Long

Carrots: Purple Haze

Carrots: Burpee A1 Hybrid

Cauliflower: Snowball

Celery: Utah 52-70

Cucumber: Tendergreen

Eggplant: Black Beauty

Flowers: German Chamomile

Flowers: Freaking Wild

Garlic: Regular old garlic

Jalepeño: Regular old jalepeño

Kale: Red Russian Kale

Kohlrabi: Early White Vienna

Lettuce: Gourmet Mix

Mustard: Florida Broadleaf

Onions: Red

Onions: Sweet Yellow

Onions: White

Peas: Early Frosty

Peas: Little Marvel

Pumpkin: Connecticut Field

Radishes: Cherry Belle

Spinach: Bloomdale Longstanding

Spinach: Double Choice Hybrid

Squash: Dark Green Zucchini

Squash: Early Prolific Straightneck

Squash: Waltham Butternut

Tomatoes: Celebrity

Tomatoes: Lunchmate Hybrid

More Details


Type: Sweet Basil

This is your traditional basil. It is great as an ingredient, dried, fresh in soups or on pizza. One plant will yield enough to eat fresh for the whole season. I usually plant 2 so I can have enough to use in my canned goods.


Type: Tendergreen

These are a type of green bean. I don't care for green beans. My family likes them so I plant them.


Type: Edible Soybean


These I do care for. They are fantastic. I prefer them edamame style.


Type: Burpee Short and Sweet


I have never tried these before. I thought I would give them a shot. See if the kids like them.


Type: Danvers Half Long


I have planted these before. They have a good taste. They do tend to get a little wood-like if you leave them in the ground for too long. If you plan on eating these throughout the season, I suggest planting every couple weeks.


Type: Purple Haze

I have never tried these before. I thought the kids would dig purple carrots. The package says the seeds produce 10–12 inch imperator shaped carrots.


Type: Burpee A1 Hybrid


These are my favorite. Fantastic taste, great length and size.


Type: Snowball


I don't have a lot of hope for this. From everything I have read I do not live in the right climate for cauliflower. But I thought I would give it a shot.


Type: Utah 52-70


I don't have high hopes for this either. I wanted to try it. See how it turns out. Says the word Utah in it. Maybe it will grow here.


Type: Tendergreen


These are burpless cucumbers. In other words, they should not be bitter. They are more tender and have a thinner skin. Since I prefer to eat them raw, this type of cucumber lends itself well to that purpose. I have not tried this particular variety before.


Type: Black Beauty


I have no idea what to do with an eggplant. I wanted to try it. See if I can get the kids to eat it.


Type: German Chamomile


I love a good cup of Chamomile tea before bed. In the summer I like it iced. This is first time I have planted it. I would like to try fresh Chamomile tea.


Type: Wild flowers


I like to plant these to attract bees to the garden. Plus, they look great.


Type: Whatever kind they had at the grocery store.

I bought some garlic at the grocery store and planted it. I planted the garlic last October. It has sprung up quite nicely this spring. You can plant it in the spring, but it produces better fuller bulbs with better flavor when planted in the fall.


Type: Jalepeño


These are regular old jalepeños. I planted them to add a little heat to some of my recipes.


Type: Red Russian Kale


I have never planted kale before. I love to eat it roasted with a little salt. I picked this particular variety based on a recommendation from a lady at the store. It is supposed to have fuller bigger leaves than some of the other cultivars.


Type: Early White Viena


I love kohlrabi. I love to eat it raw with a little salt. My dad and grandma used to feed it to me when I was a kid. I can remember being impatient waiting for it to be ready. If you like cabbage (raw) or turnips or radishes, you will probably dig this.


Type: Mesculin Mix


I like a good mix of greens. This produces a fantastic salad. It is a cool weather plant and gets bitter later in the summer.


Type: Florida Broadleaf

I am not sure what to do with mustard greens. This will be the first year I have grown them or ever tried them.



Type: Red

Red onions are often found raw, like on a burger or in a salad. My wife has a recipe for corn salad that calls for red onions that is always a crowd pleaser. It is usually more mild than the other varieties.

Type: White

These onions have a sharper flavor than the yellow onion. I prefer them in salsa or fresh pico de gallo.

Type: Sweet Yellow

Your basic all purpose onion. The sweet yellow is, well, sweeter than your regular spanish yellow. They are not quite as onion-y.


Type: Early Frosty


Peas like it cool. I plant these because they are very cold hardy and I can plant them in early March. They produce a good size pod with great tasting peas. Make sure to harvest them before they get too big or they get bitter.


Type: Little Marvel


The difference between these and the Early Frosty peas is subtle. It produces a slightly larger pod. They are not quite as cold hardy so I plant them just a bit later than the Early Frosty peas.


Type: Connecticut Field


This is the perfect pumpkin for carving at Halloween. It is an heirloom variety and is thought to have been grown by the American Indian before the European settlement of North America. It grows to about 15—25 pounds.


Type: Cherry Belle


I have planted several varieties of radish over the years. This one is not too hot or too big. Radishes are best grown in the spring. They bolt as soon as it starts getting hot (usually about May).


Type: Bloomdale Longstanding


This is an heirloom variety of spinach. Many kids will have bad memories of eating spinach growing up. I will tell you what though...there are few vegetables that are as good fresh right out of your garden than spinach. It is truly indescribable.


Type: Double Choice Hybrid


With twice the choice of the regular hybrid this is really a remarkable variety. Actually I have never tried it. I will let you know how it is.


Type: Dark Green Zucchini

Regular Zucchini. I use this to make soup with the yellow squash, basil, and fresh tomato.


Type: Early Prolific Straightneck

Regular yellow squash. I used it in the soup mentioned above. It is also good grilled until it is just tender.


Type: Waltham Butternut


I plan on growing that many. This is the candy of the squash world. It also makes a fantastic soup.


Type: Celebrity


There are a million types of tomatoes. This variety is prolific, good-sized, delicious, the skin is not too thick, not too acidic, and it is impossibly sexy.


Type: Lunchmate Hybrid

I have never tried this variety before. The reason I planted it is that I had the seeds, and they looked good. It is in the beefsteak family.

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