Every year I like to try a few new things. Last year, all the new things I tried were failures. I was also reminded of why I had stopped doing some other things. This year I will be building on what I learned.

A Few Sucesses From Last Year


Grilling tomatoes for some salsa.

Things that failed

If you would like a comprehensive list of what I planted last year, find that in my earlier post.


This is a plant that takes up a lot of space. The growing conditions in the Salt Lake Valley are not ideal for cauliflower. While I think I could probably make it work with a lot of effort, I have decided it is not worth my time or garden space.


I have tried these before, and have a really hard time getting a usable yield. They are also no better from the garden than Costco. I will probably not be planting these again.


These never really grew. I didn't care. Probably won’t plant again.


I planted Red Russian Kale. It was OK. It was not quite what we were used to. We prefer to eat it raw, or as kale chips. This variety did not lend itself well to this end.

This year, I will be going with more of a traditional variety.

Mustard Greens

These sucked. Perhaps I cooked them wrong, or grew them wrong. Regardless. I did not care for them.


I did it. I grew celery. But it had the consistency of wood. It was like eating celery flavored wood. So I made chicken noodle soup with it.

Things That I Will Be Planting Again

I love the Celebrity Tomato. I will definately be planting these again this year. My seeds that I started last week sprouted today.

Other things that I have had success with and will be planting again:

Danvers Half Long Carrots

Sweet Basil

Burpee A1 Hyrbird Carrots

Tendergreen Cucumbers



Lettuce. I actually planted some in the middle of February. My first sprouts came up about March 5, 2015.


Peas. I planted these yesterday, March 7th. I actually planted some Lincolns this year. Thought I would mix it up.


Butternut Squash

Some things that I am “meh” about

I may or may not plant jalepeños. I may or may not plant beans. Zucchini, yellow squash—whatever. If my wife wants some, I will plant them.

Overall, my goals are pretty similar to last year.

  1. Eat fresh salad and greens every night all spring
  • Have enough fresh tomatoes to make BLTs
  • Have enough fresh tomatoes to make grilled margarita pizza
  • Have enough tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil to can either spaghetti sauce, salsa, or some other tomato based food.
  • I want to eat carrots all summer
  • Have pumpkins for the kids to carve
  • A few butternut squashes
  • Have some crap that only I will eat (radishes, kohlrabi, et cetera)
  • And I want to try a few new things along the way

I am sure I will find something strange to try to plant...just to see what happens. But I havn’t decided what that is yet. That is half the fun. I decide some things as I go.