I need to build a cradle for a doll. Looking at plans online I have found that they range anywhere from super ornate alt

to very simple, or vintagealt

This one has a roof in case you leave your baby in the rain. alt

I think I like this next style the best. Plus it is from a site called lumberjocks.com and is kind of in between the other styles I have seen. The site’s name adds a little manliness to the art of cradle making.alt

I will follow up with my results. It will be some sort of combination inspired by the above designs. Always remember that hand making a gift adds a special touch. Hand making a gift that requires you to buy new tools for yourself is even better. Maybe that is what they mean by “it’s better to give than receive.”

Update 11/24/2013

Looks like I won’t be able to build a cradle this year. Turns out there is already one in existence that will be gifted. It has sentimental value and whatnot. So, rather than build one, and share the results, I will share the plans that I had come up with. I was going to use cherry. With the dimensions provided in my sketches, you should be able to make do with about eight board feet. I had located a single board, 12" x 3/4" x 8' and had adjusted my plans to accomodate the available wood. Price was also a consideration.

My inspiration came from the above picture from lumberjocks.com.

The ends (and these are not to scale) are 12" wide tapering to a 10" bottom with a 3" bulge at the top. I prefer a more parabolic shape than a perfect arc.

The sides are 24" long. I have drawn a little cutout, but I am not sold on the idea. They are 9" high. If you cut the 9" from your 12" board, that leaves you a 3" scrap that you can use to make the rockers.

The bottom is 10" wide. Cutting that from your 12" board, you end up with a 2" scrap that you can use to connect the rockers.


The connected rockers.

It is too bad that I don’t get to build one. But, if things ever change, I have my plans ready to go. I think it will look fantastic.