I gave this recipe for an “easy paella” from Martha Stewart a try. It was pretty good. I think I made a poor choice in sausage though. If you do make this recipe, make sure you get a good sausage. Maybe even a spicier sausage would be good.

Other than that, I will be using this recipe again.

Seriously though. If you google for paella you will get a billion recipes that are all different. I have come to the conclusion that there may be characteristics among food people that make a true paella. The nuance could be significant for the true experience. Some with less refined tastes may never notice. Open cooking over a wood fire for example is considered a significant part of the true Vallencian way. The paella in this recipe is really just a spanish rice dish with a bunch of stuff in it, as are most of the recipes out there. The traditional dish is really a peasant dish. A dish of the people. Don’t try and get too fancy.

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