We made some french toast for Easter breakfast. Suffice it to say, it was the finest french toast I have ever had. It also had 2 days worth of calories so you can only eat it once a year. Since the recipe is probably copyrighted, I will summarize.

Couple cups of half and half
some sugar
some cinammon
about 1/3 C flour
6 eggs
french bread

I started by slicing the french bread thick and letting it dry out for about an hour before I cooked it.


I fried it in butter in a massive cast iron skillet.


Then served it with fresh (as fresh as you can get in Utah) strawberries, and topped it real maple syrup, or a butter cream syrup my wife made. As its name implies, it is made from butter and cream.

I think what made it so good was everything together. The good bread, the half and half, the real maple, the strawberries, everything.

Like I said—you can eat it once a year.