Saltair ruins as seen from a kite


In the early 1900’s, the Saltair resort was the place to be. It was built to be a wholesome family getaway. Bath houses, rides (including a giant roller coaster) and a quick train ride from downtown Salt Lake City made this place what some called the “Coney Island of the west”.

Fire destroyed the resort in 1925. It was rebuilt a year later. The new Saltair never gained the popularity of the original and was abandoned in 1960, and destroyed by fire in 1970. Many of the original pilings can be seen still today over 100 years later.

The past few years the water has been low at the Great Salt Lake leaving most the pilings one dry land. I made a trip out there with my kite and camera to attempt some kite arial photography.

From the road, the water was a good mile away. I got the camera launched but could only keep it and the kite in the air by walking towards the water. Despite my battle with the wind, I was able to capture some pretty good images of the old boardwalk and wooden pipeline.

alt The original Saltair in 1900 alt alt

Old pilings extending into the water

Under the old Saltair was a wooden pipeline that carried waste away from the building and beach. It would seem that the technology (or thinking of where that waste would go) did not exist to dispose of it any other way.


alt The wooden pipeline from the ground

The rest of my KAP photos from the Great Salt Lake.

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