My first experience with Microsoft Teams

I started out my day by reading the open letter from the Slack people. I thought it was spot on. I love the Slack. You have to use it to fully appreciate it.

I knew Teams was coming and my greatest fear was that Microsoft would just check a bunch of boxes so that corporations would buy it, then force me to use it because it checks all the same boxes as Slack.

Well, an outhouse "checks a box" but I would much prefer to use some nice indoor plumbing any day.

I was really rooting for Microsoft here. I am pretty sure this is what I will end up using and I want it to work. Also, Microsoft is doing some really cool stuff these days, like making augmented reality reality.

So I thought I would try the Teams. I was excited to do so. Hoping against hope that Microsoft wouldn't stay true to form and suck. Coming so close to being cool, but ultimately falling down the stairs as they were introduced at the royal ball.

It started with the press release. I went to Micorsoft's site to download the app. Couldn't do it. All I could find was how to buy Office 365. My company already uses Office 365 so I figured it would somehow show up a different way.

Later in the day, I got an email inviting me to a team. I clicked it. I saw a great looking email telling me how to download the client. I downloaded it, logged in and was up and running on Microsoft teams. So far so good.

Then, I messaged a co-worker who was using Skype for business (he was not on Teams yet). Teams told me that conversation history would not be saved for these people using Skype for Business (which MS also makes btw..). This was the first disappointment/failure. After logging out and logging back in to test this allegation, the conversation was as if it never happened. Cool. Maybe it was more Snapchat than Slack.

A banner at the top of teams told me to install the mobile client. It is a huge deal for the mobile client to work properly. I clicked the link. Too bad it was a broken link. The app was not available in iTunes. Failure number two, and a huge one at that. I sent feedback via the link in the desktop client. I later got a response which was cool. I send MS daily reports about applications crashing. I never got a response before...

I left the client running on my desktop and went back to work. About an hour later, I was spontaneously logged out. My co-worker's client crashed. Strike three.

And that was that.

I haven't started the client since or even attempted to use it. I am sure soon I will be forced to. I guess you can get used to using an outhouse. It is only really bad in the winter, right?

So, here is to rooting for Microsoft. Quality competition makes us all better off.

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