The Above Average Garden Container


I have a friend who wanted to plant a garden, but will be moving soon. To solve this, he took it upon himself to build a container in which to start his garden until he can get a more permanent solution.

The solution is both elegant and solves multiple problems. He can plant now, and move it later. The container can be broken into sections and can be transported indoors to start plants, then relocated outdoors.

When you are going to do something, do it right, and make it awesome. This garden container is not your average half whiskey barrel. It is stepped and can accommodate three boxes four feet long, one foot wide, and six inches deep totaling 12 square feet.

Close-up of the box alt

Note the slots in the next picture. This allows you to remove the box for transport or for starting plants indoors.


And the finished product alt

In the above photo you can see the result just prior to planting. Berries in the bottom, peas and carrots in the middle, and peppers and herbs in the top.